June 2017

How to Make Your Pet an Official Emotional Support Animal

As a pet parent, I understand the emotional benefits of having a loving four-legged friend by my side. My dog, Diamond, is one of the biggest calming forces in my life. Her mellow demeanor allows me to take her to dog-friendly restaurants, on pet-sitting gigs, and more. I had always considered making her an emotional support animal (or ESA), but knowing I didn’t have a medical reason to do so

Technology Hacks for the International Traveler

When traveling around the world, knowing how to use technology in the right way can save you time, money, and headaches while you are on the road. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the best hacks that allow you to use your smartphone and other devices easily when you’re on your next trip. Unlock your phone Your phone is likely one of the most important tools that you

5 Refreshing Ways to Keep Cool On-the-Go

It’s getting hotter. So how do you prevent sweat and general heat discomfort when you’re commuting to work or out and about? It’s easy to keep cool at home or once you’ve arrived at the office, but it’s harder when you’re on the road. Luckily, we’ve found some easy ways to cool off when you’re on the go. 1. Remember a time when you were given the cold shoulder Social

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Glamping Trip

Camping allows you to immerse yourself in nature. But some of us are attached to some of our everyday luxuries. Enter glamping, or glamorous camping. With glamping, you can choose to stay in heated tents, decked-out yurts, secluded tree houses, fully-equipped retro trailers, or deluxe cabins. And you never have to sacrifice your comfort for a weekend in the woods. The problem is, glamping can be as expensive as staying

6 Things You'll Encounter When Taking Over a Loved One's Finances

Your parents took care of you for much of your life. It’s not a comfortable moment when you realize that they need you to help care for them. Ideally, when it’s time to take the financial wheel for aging parents or other loved ones, you’ve already done some advanced planning. If not, the process may be more onerous. Here’s what you need to know. 1. It’s relatively easy if the

What to Do After Losing Your Social Security Card

You lost your Social Security card. Any time personal information goes missing, it can be unnerving. How big of a problem is this, exactly? The card itself is not much of one. Replacing a lost Social Security card is free and relatively simple. The bigger worry is what happens if your Social Security number falls into the wrong hands, and criminals use it to steal your identity. Then, you have

How to Save Frequent Flyer Miles That Are About to Expire

For many of us, earning enough airline miles for that free trip can take a while. Sometimes using a co-branded airline credit card can help speed things up. But while we’re waiting to collect enough, we might risk losing what we’ve already earned. While each frequent flyer program has its own set of rules, most will erase your miles if you don’t use them or earn new miles for a